Matthias Pascal Clad

Matthias, 27 years old, is a German-Norwegian NTNU-student, film-maker and media consultant. His first project was creating a new advertisement DVD for Valdres Folkehøgskole, which included all the filming, edit and design. The final product increased the application rate for the school by over 80% and his short clip “One year at VFHS” was awarded the kreativ-strek prize. Beside his travels to Africa, New Zealand, USA and 20 countries in Europe, he has competed for 9 years for the German national team in rollerskating, where he won medals at European- and World Championships.


Peter Varga

Peter, 38 years old, is a Hungarian traveler, travel writer and photographer. Co-founder of Kepesita(.org) and founder of the Kepesita Collection(.com) art project. He is an exhibited photographer and published author of short stories. He is currently working on a novel based on his 952 day-long hitch-hiking journey across three continents. He did his script-writing and cameraman studies at Mafilm and the Royal Hungarian Television. Being fascinated by the sport, and having been working with sled dogs, Peter runs TK's dog-mushing related visual projects.



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