Being fascinated by dog-mushing, we have been following sled dog races in Alaska and Norway in order to create short portraits and photography documentation. Simultaneously, we have been running our own visual campaign on social media for years in order to support this bond-based, life-affirming sport.



Short Portraits

As for now, most of our film material comes from the 2016 and 2017 Iditarod Sled Dog Race in Alaska. In our short films we focus on the bond between dogs and musher, the trust that needed from both sides, and the intimate moments of crossing and living in No-Man's Land.





Through still image documentation we wish to capture mushing in its complexity in order to give a more accurate picture and to challenge two stereotypical and one-sided images of the sport: the merely exotic-romantic one vs. the one that condemns it all saying it’s simply animal torture.  

The stills are from the 2018, 2019 Femundløpet, the 2018 Finnmarksløpet and the 2019 Iditarod races in Norway.

Keywords that define our approach in photography:


There is beauty to be found in details. And they help to understand the whole process, help to relate and make the visual experience much richer, more colorful.



Capturing the atmosphere of the different stages of a race is not only eye-pleasing but it also helps the audience be present in that very moment.


Intrepidity, fatigue, joy are there on the faces and in the movements. Something we can or we want to relate to. They give people mushers and teams to root for.



Discovering and capturing gestures between team members shows the relations within the team which is so essential to understanding this bond-based, symbiosis-like lifestyle.



Keeping focus on the work of the racevets, too, the way they interact with the dogs and the mushers reveals their care and dedication.



Why not add a bit of humor to it now and then. It hasn’t really found its place in the mushing related social media yet but could be a new aspect to explore.

And constantly in search of finding new perspectives, new angles… and topics within.