Film & Photo

To capture the perfect moment - through all our projects are we dedicated to achieve exactly that. During the last years have we been able to realize projects with the use of drones, timelapses, interviews and close ups. No matter if it’s in the air, water or on land - our goal is always to achieve an honest and beautiful look into the world we want to present.




With more than 10 years of experience in video and photo editing are we able to combine different styles to achieve the perfect result for you. We provide fast and professional service. No matter if you want a video for social media, an advertisement, a documentary or an animation - we have the knowledge and expertise to get you there.




You’re looking for a new way to present your product but don’t have the time or knowledge on how to tell your story? No problem. We create in cooperation with you a storyboard for your next project. All our videos - no matter if they are 10 seconds or 50 minutes - have one thing in common: a clear storyline and message to the audience.



Mobile Filmcrew

No matter if your project is on a mountain top, the water or in the middle of an ice dessert - we’ve been there. Through our projects in more than 20 countries have we learned to adjust even to the hardest conditions from -55°C in Alaska to +40°C in the Sahara. We travel lightweight and are still able to capture the perfect moment for you.



Post Production

When the filming is finished a whole other part of the project starts - the post production. We are working close together with a colorist, a voice over talent, a composer and a sound designer to perfectly adjust to your needs. We can give your project the look you’ve been searching for and provide useful feedback.