Tying Knots Art Studios

Founded by Matthias Pascal Clad and Peter Varga in 2015, Tying Knots is a Norway-based independent production company.



Our name symbolizes the connections and relationships we have, are going to have and are looking for in and with our work. A knot between friends, family members and new people we meet. A bond between team mates. A transparental bridge between two parts from different sides.
Our logo which is based on the ancient Tibetan „endless knot” symbol belongs strongly to our name, easing the weight of interdependence and bondage while keeping the trust and dedication.





Matthias Pascal Clad

Matthias, born in 1991, is a German-Norwegian NTNU-student, filmmaker and media consultant. His biggest project was creating a new advertisement DVD for Valdres Folkehøgskole, which included all the filming, edit and design. The final product increased the application rate for the school drastically. His short clip “One year at VFHS” was awarded the kreativ-strek prize.

Beside his travels to Africa, New Zealand and 15 countries in Europe, he has competed for 9 years for the German national team in Roller-skating, where he won medals at both the European- and the World-championship.





Peter Varga

Peter, born in 1980, is a Hungarian traveler, travel writer and -photographer. Co-founder of Kepesita(.org) and founder of the Kepesita Collection(.com) art project. Author of an upcoming novel based on his 952 day-long hitch-hiking journey across 3 continents. Co-maker of several short films, among them 2 festival shortlisted and a 3. prize winning work.

He has spent several years among/working with sled dogs and done numerous trips under extreme conditions in different countries. Since 2012 he is an employee in a rock fall prevention company in Norway.